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                                            Shanghai automatic patrol cutting plotter which is better?
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                                            Our servo cutting plotter, stepping plotter is sold overseas, and has more than 10 different countries and regions, including the United States, Norway, Iran, Mexico, Saudi Arabia, Australia, Italy, Britain, India, etc. Since 2011, we have tried The development of the domestic market, and achieved initial results, welcome more quality, service agents to contact us to jointly develop the domestic market
                                             Our control system R&D team and machine design R&D team ensure the rationality of product design and product stability, while continuously providing users with more related products.
                                            Excellent product quality and excellent service concept have won the praise of customers, and we are more determined to be our high-end products and provide quality service. Our goal is to make our SAGA brand a world-class brand.
                                            Related product introduction: Automatic patrol cutting plotter (servo) compatible with PC and Mac
                                            Technical specifications:
                                            Model: SAGA-720IIP
                                            Maximum paper feed width: 720mm
                                            Cutting width: 630mm
                                            Accuracy: +/-0,01mm
                                            Connection port: USB/RS-232
                                            Motor: DCServo
                                            Machine power: <100W
                                            Adapt to temperature: +5°C-+35°C
                                            Packing size: 97x34x43cm
                                            Gross weight: 27.5/25kgs
                                            product description:
                                            1. True USB
                                            No need to install USB driver, it is easier to use and the transmission is more stable
                                            Print driver
                                             Print directly from Illustrator, CorelDraw, AutoCAD, etc.
                                            4 wheel high pressure trolley
                                            Metal body, bracket, ABS cover, keypad
                                            With edge cutting
                                            Linear speed: 50-960mm/s
                                            Curve speed: 0-600mm/s
                                            Stepper motor, servo control system
                                            Motor power: 25watt
                                            Motor speed: 0-3500RPM
                                            0-3000RPMtime: <20MS(idleload);<1200MS(working)
                                            Compressor: physical1000line/round, logical4000line/round
                                            Pressure: 0-750g (3g/step)
                                            CPU: 64bitDSP32MFlash
                                            Machine accuracy: 0.01254mm/pulse
                                            Repeatability: 0.082mm
                                            Shanghai Chiyan Digital Control Technology Co.,Ltd.
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