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                                            Introduction to the principle and application of computer laser cutting plotter
                                            Time:2018-08-15   Views:701次
                                            In the advertising and decoration industry, computer laser cutting plotters have been widely used. Computer lettering can only use one type of knife, and the processing materials are limited to paper and film. It is only necessary to cut the word and graphic outline on paper. The following is an introduction to the principle of computer laser cutting plotter, let's take a look.
                                            The principle of computer laser cutting plotter:
                                            The computer laser cutting plotter consists of three parts: computer, engraving machine controller and engraving machine. Working principle: It is designed and typeset by special engraving software configured in the computer, and the information of design and typesetting is automatically transmitted to the engraving machine controller by the computer, and then the controller converts the information into a stepping motor or The signal (burst) of the servo motor with power controls the main body of the engraving machine to generate the engraving path of the X, Y and Z axes. At the same time, the high-speed rotary engraving head on the engraving machine can engrave various plane or three-dimensional relief patterns and characters designed in the computer by cutting the machining materials fixed on the main table by the cutters arranged according to the processing materials. To achieve automatic carving work.
                                            Q: Does the computer laser engraving machine have an impact on the health of the body?
                                            A: It has a certain influence on the eyes. The operation is to try not to look at the light beam or wear a protective glasses.
                                            Computer laser cutting plotter application:
                                            Computer laser cutting plotter is now widely used in various industries. In the advertising production and construction and decoration industry, the use of computer engraving machine is another take-off after computer lettering. The market rate of double-color board products engraved by computer engraving machines is getting higher and higher, and it is entering the epidemic period.
                                            The above is about the computer laser cutting plotter related introduction, I hope to help everyone. To learn more about the cutting plotter, please continue to follow our advertising network channel.
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