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                                            The press conference of the new product flat cutting machine was held in Shanghai Guangyin Exhibition in 2018
                                            Time:2018-10-19   Views:745次
                                            In March 2018, the press conference of the new product flat cutting machine independently researched and developed by Shanghai Chiyan Numerical Control Co., Ltd. was successfully released in Shanghai Guangyin Exhibition. During the conference, the appearance and cutting precision of the machine, the production process, caused equipment at home and abroad. The buyers paid great attention and were tracked and reported by the 7 sets of CCTV programs. The on-site customers received rave reviews.
                                            The GR series of flat cutting machine independently developed by Shanghai Chiyan Numerical Control Co., Ltd. has experienced the company's ten years of technology accumulation. After all the staff of the company for two years, regardless of day and night technology research and development, it has overcome the shortcomings of domestic manufacturing technology. Products from hardware and software, committed to technological innovation, not limited to traditional processes, products can be successfully developed successfully.
                                            The successful development of the flat cutting machine GR series has led the technological innovation in the industry, making the domestic cutting process the most extreme. The products are widely used in clothing, traffic signs, automobile protective films, stickers, label magnets, photo papers, cards. Half cut and through cut of paper and other materials. The product has advanced system design capabilities and hardware configuration, equipped with industrial servo motor and with the cutting system of ultra-quiet voice coil sports car structure, greatly improving work efficiency and production capacity.


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